Crime Prevention Tips

  • Place wooden dowels, pipes, or other substitutes in the tracks of all sliding glass doors and windows so as to limit movement. This will make it more difficult for a burglar to tilt the doors or windows and enter your home.
  • Always arrange to have newspapers and mail removed when you will not be home. Burglars often select homes where there is an accumulation of newspapers and/or mail.
  • Never leave notes for family members or service providers on your front door or other visible location. Burglars will know you are not home.
  • Instead of placing an extra entry key under a door mat, on a ledge, under a rock, or other common location, consider providing it to a trusted friend or relative.
  • If someone comes to your front door asking to use the phone to call the police or anyone else, keep the door locked and make the call yourself.
  • When you are not home, make your home appear lived in by installing a series of timers that will automatically turn on and off lights and other electronic equipment such as televisions.
  • Create the impression that someone is home by parking a vehicle in your parking area when you are not at home.
  • When you return home, have your keys prepared for immediate entry.
  • When you are going to be away from home for a long period of time, adjust your telephone ring to its lowest volume. An unanswered phone is a clear signal that your home is empty.
  • Never record a message on your home telephone indicating where you are or when you expect to return. Don't make it easy on a burglar.

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