Apartment Management and Leasing Fees

Since our founding in 1987, Pacific Apartment Management has consistently offered management and leasing services throughout Southern California for highly competitive fees.

While fees are always negotiable, the following factors affect our fee structure and that of most other apartment management companies.

  1. The number of units,
  2. The location of the property,
  3. The current rent levels,
  4. The condition of the property, and
  5. The current number of vacancies.

On average, our management and leasing fees:



2 to 10 Units:5.0% of the Gross Collected Rents
11 to 20 Units:4.5% of the Gross Collected Rents
21 or More Units:4.0% of the Gross Collected Rents



1 to 4 Units:5.0% of One Year's Rent
5 to 15 Units:3.5% of One Year's Rent
16 Units with Manager:No Leasing Fee

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